06 January 2011

Small Apartment ^^__

*Credit to Trangannhp from 3D Forum. The model was done by him.

**Credit to myself coz i'm rendering it nicely..(i hope so...) ^___^

Modern Exterior ^___^

13 December 2010


The difference between the hard way and the easy way is that the hard way works.

Terry Pratchett

**credit to my friend C@S@ for the modelling. I'm just do the rendering. ^___^

09 December 2010

A new beginning towards a better 3D render!

Hello my friend,

Its been a while. Almost 2 months since my last post. But its worthy enough to wait such a long time because....

Here is the result!!!

Raw Images

Post Processing

More to come! (even though i'm not sure when due my tight schedule) But please continue your support by visiting this blog of mine.